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Assistant Credit Controller – A/R
Phnom Penh


01 position based in Phnom Penh


Assistant Credit Controller is responsible for daily support to Credit Control Manager-Billing & Collection relating administrative and account receivable matters.      

Key job activities: 

The functions of Assistant Credit Controller include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Assist in following up with customers for debt collection.
  2. Liaise with customers for WHT and VAT with all supporting requirements.
  3. Perform regular cheques collection and deposit in approved bank accounts.
  4. Coordinate with 3 Airports (Finance Department) for information and documents collection as and when assigned or required.
  5. Report to upper management if the amount collected is not in accordance with the invoice or outstanding amount or any related irregular situation.
  6. Compile and file all supporting documents according to the related established and approved policies and procedures.
  7. Participate in both internal and external audits as assigned by superiors in accordance with the requirements of the company and other accounting standards.
  8. Performs other duties assigned from time to time by the immediate superior(s).


  1. Legal working age.
  2. Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting or related field or higher degree is advantage.
  3. Professional experience at least 1 year in finance, account receivable is a plus.
  4. Excellence in English and Chinese communication in both writing and speaking.
  5. Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills
  6. Computer literate - Microsoft offices (Words, Excel, PowerPoint)
  7. Willing to learn new things
  8. Ability to work independently with less supervision and meet deadlines.
  9. Ability to work under pressure. 
  10. Loyal, confident, and highly motivated person.
  11. Can-do attitude.



Submit your completed application including:

  1. Two (2) current passport size picture (4 x 6);
  2. Letter of motivation (Cover Letter) + Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  3. Copy of ID card or copy of family book or residence book;
  4. Copy of Diplomas and certificates, if any.

Closing Date: 1st December 2017, 5:00pm

Addressed to:

SCA/CAMS Administrative Building, Human Resources

  1. Phnom Penh: Ms. Rithy Phavida (023 862 800, Ext. 1214)
  2. Siem Reap: Ms. BUN Boramy (063 962 400, Ext. 2203)
  3. Preah Sihanouk: Mr. Ly Sokchea (012 333 524, Ext. 3272)


កំណត់សម្គាល់ព័ត៌មាន/ INFORMATION NOTICE

អាកាសយានដ្ឋានកម្ពុជាសូមជំរាបថា ក្រុមហ៊ុនយើងខ្ញុំផ្តល់ឱកាសការងារស្មើគ្នាដល់ បេក្ខជនដាក់ពាក្យសុំធ្វើការងារ សមស្របទៅនឹងគោលការណ៍ច្បាប់ ដោយមិនរើសអើង ពូជសាសន៍ ពណ៌សំបុរ ភេទ អាយុ សាសនា ឬសញ្ជាតិ។

ការដាក់ពាក្យសុំបំពេញការងារនៅអាកាសយានដ្ឋានកម្ពុជា មិនតំរូវអោយបេក្ខជនណាម្នាក់ធ្វើការបង់ប្រាក់កំរៃ នៅគ្រប់ដំណាក់កាលទាំងអស់ នៃការ ជ្រើសរើសបុគ្គលិក រួមទាំងដំណាក់កាលចុងក្រោយគឺការចុះកិច្ចសន្យាការងារជាបុគ្គលិកក្រុមហ៊ុន។

សូមរាយការណ៍មកកាន់យើងខ្ញុំ ករណីបើមានការស្នើរសុំអោយបង់ប្រាក់ពីបេក្ខជនដាក់ពាក្យសុំធ្វើការនៅក្នុងអាកាសយានដ្ឋានកម្ពុជា ប្រចាំនៅ អាកាសយាន ដ្ឋានអន្តរជាតិភ្នំពេញ  តាមរយៈអ៊ីម៉ែល៖ ។ សូមអរគុណ!

* រាល់ពត៌មានដែលបានរាយការណ៍ត្រូវបានរក្សាជាការសំងាត់!

Cambodia Airports provide the equal employment opportunity to all job applicants, in compliance with law in force, without any discrimination such as race, color, gender, age, religion or nationality.

The application for any position at Cambodia Airports is NOT required to pay any service fee at ALL stages of the recruitment processes as well as the final job offer which means the signing of the employment contract.

Please report to us in case that any applicant is asked to pay any fees in exchange for the job application at Cambodia Airports based in Phnom Penh International Airport via the email: Thank You!

* All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you!